This Savant Chose 10 New Must-Watch TV Shows. Eight Have Been Picked Up

For the Second Year in a Row

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'Nashville' Credit: ABC

The savant in our headline isn't a person, but a thing: the Watchlist. Or, rather, it's a thing that represents hundreds of thousands of TV viewers.

Some background: In August Ad Age kicked off an informal editorial partnership with to present a snapshot and analysis of its Watchlist feature, a customizable entertainment guide that lets users make a list of their favorite shows, actors, etc. We were interested in keeping tabs on Watchlist because last year it turned out to have some predictive powers: In the fall of 2011, eight of the Top 10 Watchlist users' new shows were picked up for full seasons.

In mid-September, we ran an updated snapshot of Watchlist titled "The 10 Must-Watch New Fall TV Shows, According to's 600,000 Watchlist Users." Today's chart looks back at our mid-September chart with a cold eye to see if Watchlist predictions are bearing out again. And the answer is ... yes! Once again, eight out of the Top 10 most-Watchlisted shows have gotten full-season pick-ups by the networks.

The Watchlist community of users -- roughly 800,000 people have registered to create a Watchlist, up from 600,000 in September -- functions as a massive focus group of informed and committed TV viewers. "When our users add shows to their Watchlists, it's a clear statement of their intent to watch, in the same way that a grocery shopping list is a statement of an intent to buy," says Mickey O'Connor, editor-in-chief of

Watch for an update next month as Watchlist users add new shows, including midseason replacements.

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