Twitter Buzz Battle Royale: Spotify vs. Pandora vs. iTunes

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An EP of Adele songs from the iTunes Festival.
An EP of Adele songs from the iTunes Festival.

Spotify, Pandora and iTunes have been getting tons of media buzz lately. Stockholm-based music-streaming service Spotify because it's finally arrived in the U.S. Online-radio service Pandora because it went public on June 15. (As of this writing, just after noon ET on Wednesday, Pandora Media, which trades on the NYSE under the stock symbol "P," has settled back near its IPO price.) And iTunes because of the iTunes Festival.

But what kind of chatter are these companies getting beyond all the media hype -- like on Twitter, for instance? Good question. Which brings me to this week's charticle, using data collected and parsed, as always, by our editorial partner Trendrr, the social-media monitoring firm. Some notes:

  • Spotify was being mentioned in an average of about 3,000 tweets a day leading up to its U.S. launch on July 14 (nicely timed -- the day before Pandora's IPO!), at which point it surged to a one-day total of 64,624 mentions on Twitter. In the immediate aftermath, it was racking up about 25,000 tweets per day -- but as of this past weekend, it's dissipated to about 9,000 tweets a day.
  • Besides a predictable spike on its IPO day (thanks to plenty of retweets of news reports about its stock-market splash), Pandora has been averaging in the 13,000 to 16,000 tweets-per-day range. Keep in mind that Pandora should be operating at a buzz deficit on global platform Twitter because it's only available in the U.S. -- and yet it's generally generating more Twitter chatter than Spotify (which is available in Finland, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, the U.K. and now the U.S.).
  • iTunes generally commands the most buzz on Twitter. Apple's music service has been mentioned in about 40,000 to 50,000 tweets per day lately. Keep in mind that some of those mentions are happening thanks to discussions of the new kid on the block (for instance, this tweet today from @thedarrenhughes: "Used iTunes for the first time this morning since getting #Spotify, almost two weeks ago. Anybody else using iTunes much less now?"). Plenty of people are also discussing how they're using iTunes alongside Apple's new iCloud service (e.g., @michaelgbaron: "iOS 5: I have to say, iTunes sync over WiFi is pretty slick. That and the iCloud backup makes things much less tedious for me"). Also, iTunes gets mentioned a lot in regard to rankings -- like when a band trumpets the arrival of one of its songs in the iTunes Top 10 -- and also gets plenty of non-music-related mentions (because, of course, you can buy apps, movies and more in the iTunes Store).
  • To come full circle, perhaps the biggest current boost in iTunes chatter on Twitter has nothing to do with digital clouds or sequences of 1's and 0's. As Apple pitched it: "iTunes Festival 2011 is back with the best-ever line-up. We've invited more than 60 artists to perform 31 consecutive nights [July 1-31] of brilliant live music in one the UK's best venues, the Roundhouse in London. Headliners include Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Adele, Linkin Park, Paul Simon and many more." Imagine that : living, breathing artists on stage and flesh-and-blood fans watching them -- when they're not staring at their cellphone screens, that is .

Trump hourly chart
Recent hourly tweet volume for Spotify (red), Pandora (orange) and iTunes (green)

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