Twitter: Rapper Drake's Eyebrows to Play Kurt Cobain?

The 10 Most-Tweeted Brands of the Week Chart

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Sometimes it's pretty easy to guess what will make our weekly Top 10 Most Tweeted Brands chart, a collaboration between Advertising Age and What the Trend -- and not just the No. 1 spot (occupied again this week by the omnipresent pop star Justin Bieber, fresh off of his "Saturday Night Live" gig and People magazine cover). The Twitterverse loves talking about Twitter, and given that Twitter made a major announcement about its business model at the Ad Age Digital Conference (my colleague Michael Learmonth broke the news) and the Library of Congress announced that it will be "acquiring" all tweets for its collection, well, of course Twitter hit the Top 10. And entertainment brands like "Glee" (back on Fox after a long hiatus) and Conan O' Brien (who is getting a show on TBS)? No brainers.

But when I do my weekly deep dive into the What the Trend Pro data to generate this chart, I'm always surprised by something -- lots of somethings. Like rapper Wiz Khalifa: Who knew he was big enough, all of a sudden, to actually overpower "Glee" as a Twitter trending topic? And that, 16 years after his death, Kurt Cobain would have Twitter abuzz because of a rumor, started by a British tabloid (and later debunked), that "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson has been cast to play him in an upcoming biopic?

One thing that doesn't surprise me, though, now that I've been doing this charticle awhile: The Twitterverse is seriously obsessive-compulsive. This week's winner in the Twitter OCD sweepstakes: Canadian rapper Drake, who hit our Top 10 with a big assist from the hashtag trend #DrakesEyebrows. His prominent, carefully shaped brows continue to be a plaything for all the wiseacres on Twitter, who insist that Drake's eyebrows will be releasing their own mixtape, will star on Sesame Street (as Burt's eyebrows), etc. By the way, I'm planning on tweeting a rumor I heard: #DrakesEyebrows have been cast to play Kurt Cobain in a new biopic.

But don't take my word for it. Just ask the Library of Congress.

P.S. Other brands that loomed large on Twitter this week but didn't quite crack our Top 10: Microsoft (thanks to its announced new Kin smartphones), Kelis, Opera (the web browser that came to the iPhone this week), VH1's new series "A Family Business," Tiger Woods and U-Kiss (a Korean boy band).

How is this chart made? See Notes, below.

Trend Peak Position This Week Peak Position Last Week Points Crowdsourced Description
1 Justin Bieber 1 1 9,316 04/10: Musical Guest on SNL (Saturday Night Live) USA. The young Canadian R&B/pop singer has a lot of fans who like to tweet about him.
Subtrends include: Justin Bieber, #justinbiebersucks, #WeLoveYouJustin, SNL, Justin Bieber Sucks, Justin Bieber World, Beliebers, #stillthesamejustin, #WeLoveJustin, #ilovejustinbieber, #ibieberdream, Bieber, #TwiszzyfBieber, #proudofbieber, #itsbiebersworld, People Magazine, #bieberbabes, My World 2, bieberarmy, #xrawrbieber, Bieber Fever, Bieberfact, #prayforcaitlin, #BiebSwift, U Smile, That Should Be Me
2 Wiz Khalifa 1 New 1,937 Rapper Wiz Khalifa is dropping his mixtape titled "Kush and Orange Juice" on 4/14; people are tweeting in support.
Subtrends include: #kushandorangejuice
3 Glee 2 10 1,675 Glee is a comedy-drama-musical series on Fox which returned on April 13 after a long hiatus.
Subtrends include: Glee, Vogue, Madonna, Addictive iPhone, Jane Lynch , Idina Menzel, Sue Sylvester, Jonathan Groff, Watching Glee, Rachel
4 Twitter 2 New 1,195 The Library of Congress will be acquiring every public tweet since March 2006. Since users can't access their older Tweets, people are very curious about this development. Chirp is the Twitter developer conference taking place April 14-15. Twitter announced sponsored tweets.
Subtrends include: Congress, Tweetie, #chirp, Twitter Acquires, ENTIRE Twitter, Promoted Tweets, Official Twitter App, #WhyPeopleOnTwitter, Blackberry, Library, Twitter Promoted, Adding 300K A Day, Whose Twitter, Twitter Announces, Twitter's "Huge, SNEAK PEEK, Platform Is Now Live, #tt, Twitter's Ad, Twitter's Platform, Preserve Tweets, #infolimit, Tie Tweets
5 Super Junior 2 New 878 TwELFs (Twitter ELFs), a community dedicated to bringing the latest news about the Korean boyband Super Junior, celebrates as it gathers over 10,000 followers and ELFs in the Twitterverse.
Subtrends include: #TwELFs, #ss2philippines, #donghaesemangat, #poppinhyuk, Super Junior SS2
6 Adam Lambert 2 4 751 Last season's runner-up, Adam Lambert, mentored this season's contestants on American Idol. He also performed on the results show.
Subtrends include: Adam
7 Drizzy Drake 1 New 715 People are tweeting about the eyebrows of Canadian rapper Drake
Subtrends include: #DrakesEyebrows, #DrakeOnUstream
8 Kurt Cobain 4 New 714 An article is claiming Twilight's Robert Pattinson will play the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain in a new film.
Subtrends include: Robert Pattinson
9 Conan O' Brien 1 New 706 Conan O' Brien will host late night show on TBS slated to begin in November.
Subtrends include: TBS
10 TVXQ 2 New 647 SM Entertainment (Korean record label) decided to file a lawsuit against Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu of Korean boyband TVXQ. Controversy sparks among fans, many talked over it on twitter. Sunanare is a new drama featuring Jaejoong of TVXQ. Park Sung Soo is his character's name in the drama.
Subtrends include: SM Entertainment, #sunanare, #ParkSung

For more information about What the Trend, visit the WTT FAQ. And check out WTT's Week in Review, compiled by its in-house editors and covering an expanded general list of Top 20 trends (including hashtag trends) here.

Simon Dumenco is the "Media Guy" media columnist for Advertising Age. You can follow him on Twitter @simondumenco.

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