Wait, What? Super Junior Is Bigger Than 'American Idol'? (What's Super Junior?)

The Lesson From This Week's Most-Tweeted Brands Chart: Twitter Has Truly Gone Global

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As Twitter goes global, so goes the Top 10 Most Tweeted Brands chart (look for it each Friday), a collaboration between Advertising Age and What The Trend, the social-media trend-analytics service. U.S.-based entertainment brands used to routinely bigfoot the Twitter "trending topics" list, but this week 13-member South Korean boy band Super Junior actually outranks "American Idol" (sorry, Simon Cowell), thanks largely to Indonesian fans tweeting their love. Partisans of U.S. pop culture can console themselves that pint-size crooner Justin Bieber (who is originally from Canada, but signed to the U.S.-based Universal Music Group) is still the most-tweeted entertainment brand (or brand of any sort) on Twitter, while the Jonas Brothers cracked the Top 10 once again -- but only because of Chilean and Argentinian fans begging the boys to visit their countries.

Super Junior
Super Junior
With so much tween/teen pop culture dominating the Twitter conversation, it's sort of a relief to see some bona-fide adult entertainment making our list: R-rated Martin Scorsese horror-thriller "Shutter Island" and Tiger Woods. (Yes, I've decided that until he starts golfing again, Tiger is, for all practical purposes, an adult entertainer: We're paying attention to him because he's a slut -- albeit an apologetic slut.)

And, how great is this? The biggest political brand of the moment -- President Obama's Health Care Summit -- actually edged out IHOP, aka the International House of Pancakes, which made our list because of its pancake giveaway. God bless America, land of Universal Pancake Coverage.

P.S.: Brands making the Top 100, but not cracking our Top 10, include SeaWorld (thanks to the tragic death of a killer-whale trainer), Apple (thanks to its controversial clamp-down on racy apps), Walmart (because of its purchase of Vudu) and ever-embattled Toyota.

How is this chart made? See Notes, below.

Trend Peak Position This Week Peak Position Last Week Points Crowdsourced Description
1 Justin Bieber 2 3 6,516 The young Canadian R&B/pop singer has a lot of fans who like to tweet about him. He is trending these days because his solo begins the new version of "We Are the World," the song for the relief efforts in Haiti.
Subtrends include: #BABYMusicVideo, School Gyrls, My World 2, #justinbieberfruit, #grindmebieber, #justinweloveyou, RT NOW Justin Bieber
2 Olympics 1 1 1,991 People are tweeting about the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Hot topics have been hockey, ice skating/dancing, and some anger over NBC's broadcast schedule.
Subtrends include: Canada, Joannie Rochette, Canadian, Amy Williams, Brodeur, Ryan Miller, NBC, Vancouver, Clara Hughes, Olympics, #van2010, Ice Dancing, USA, Slovakia, Ski Cross, Apolo Ohno, Gold, Latvia, russia, Team USA, Tessa Virtue, Swiss, MSNBC, Chris Drury, Finland, Rachel Flatt, Bode Miller, Jon Montgomery, Linkin Park, Mao Asada, Randomly Viral, #curlingJP, Canadians, Ice Dancing, Russians
3 Jonas Brothers 3 3 1,717 Chilean and Argentinian fans both lobbied for the Jonas Brothers to come to their respective countries.
Subtrends include: #OMJretweetif, WeNeedJonasInArg, #ChileWantsJonas, #ChileNeedsJonas, JonasinArgentina2010, #WeNeedJonasInArg, #OMJsotrue, Jonas, ArgentinaNeedsJonas, JonasBBGood2Chile &, #OhMyJonas, #WeNeedJonasInChile
4 Shutter Island 4 New 1,576 A new movie that stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo.
5 Tiger Woods 2 3 1,575 Golfer Tiger Woods spoke on 2/19 about his marital infidelity and apologized publicly.
Subtrends include: #TigerWoods, #tigershouldve, Elin, Buddhist, This Tiger Woods
6 Super Junior 2 2 1,073 Super Junior is a band from from South Korea with a very strong Twitter fanbase.
Subtrends include: INDONESIAN ELFs, #SuperJuniorTrot, #cintashindong, #getwellsooneunhyuk, #ss2taiwan, Marry U, Heechul, ROKKUGO
7 Twitter 4 4 1,010 Twitter trended due to a few different phishing attacks, an article about Twitter advertising, and the fact that 50% of all tweets are not in English.
Subtrends include: Yet Another Phishing, Twitter Phishing, This You, Direct Message, Twitter 'LOL', Twitter 'LOL'
8 American Idol 4 4 1,005 The US talent show airs Tuesday and Wednesday nights on Fox.
Subtrends include: American Idol, #americanidol, Andrew Garcia, Casey James, Lee Dewyze, Fantasia, Andrew Garcia Sachin, Aaron Kelly)
9 Health Care Summit 3 New 966 The Health Care Summit is being held in Washington, D.C.
Subtrends include: #hcrsummit, Health Care Summit, GOP, CBO, #hcr, Barrasso, Paul Ryan, Lamar Alexander, Boehner, Senate, Louise Slaughter, Potus, White House, Clyburn, Pelosi, Obama, Congress, Republicans
10 IHOP 3 New 915 The IHOP restaurant chain has a free-pancakes-for-charity promotion Tuesday, February 23rd.
Subtrends include: IHOP, National Pancake Day, February 23

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