Last Week in Twitter: Tragedy, Pop Stars and Friends Day

HootSuite's Twitter Week in Review, July 23 - 27

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Each week we provide a look at the top topics on Twitter, using data collected and parsed for Ad Age by the What the Trend (WTT) unit of HootSuite, the social-media management dashboard with more than 3 million users. We're back today with Volume 17. Scroll down below the infographic for some context.

  • The Top 10 chart reflects the impact of the "Dark Knight " shooting with two trends relating to it: James Holmes and #theatershooting. As police continue to learn more about Holmes, the accused shooter, details are getting heavy play on Twitter. Most recently, anonymous sources have claimed that he sent a notebook describing the attacks to the university where he had studied and is now claiming amnesia. In a disturbing trend, the suspect's name is also appearing in a number of tweets by women who are attracted to the accused man. The latter trend, #theatershooting, was heavily tweeted when Christian Bale flew to Colorado to visit some of the still-hospitalized victims. It is also being used to honor those who were killed.

  • Despite the tragic events in Colorado, teen idols still overwhelm the chart in usual fashion. Top trends include "Wizards of Waverly Place" star Selena Gomez, who celebrated her 20th birthday on July 22 ; singer Demi Lovato, who made headlines on a press tour last week with her fellow "X Factor" judges and sported newly dyed blue hair as she hosted the Teen Choice Awards on July 22 ; the Jonas Brothers, who might start recording a new album by the end of the year; and One Direction, the boy band formed on the British version of "The X Factor," which celebrated its two-year anniversary on July 23.

  • One of the standouts on the memes list this past week was #felizdiadoamigo, which means "Happy Friends Day" in Portuguese. Although Friends Day is not a national holiday in Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, where it was celebrated July 20, it is widely celebrated in a similar style to Valentine's Day is in the U.S. The Brazilian beverage company Guarana Antarctica launched a campaign to celebrate both the holiday and the first moon landing, which also happened on July 20 (1969).

  • For explanations of trends and memes not covered above, visit HootSuite's What The Trend.

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