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Peruvian-born Alvaro Ilizarbe, aka Freegums-T-shirt designer, fine-artist, and a studio artist at Crispin Porter + Bogusky-is participating in a group show through July 31 at the David Castillo Gallery in Miami, Here, he talks about his latest work.

"Lately I've been getting into calligraphy-inspired letterwork. I'm just really into the detail of the accents of the letters of calligraphy, not necessarily the rules of it-just when it breaks from the norm and gets a little crazy. I had to do some pieces for the Castillo show, and the work is something that takes you back to when you were younger. I was thinking of memories from when I was a child and things that went on around me. All those little things are words of Spanish TV shows that I watched growing up, song names that we'd sing.

There was one called 'Vamos a la Playa,' a song we used to sing all the time when we went to the beach-good stuff that just kept running through my head. There was a show called El Chapulin Colorado, this Spanish superhero, really cheesy, a bad superhero, he's really clumsy, but it was shot like a skit, very low budget. But we kind of grew up watching it, he's really big in Peru. As for snakes, you hold them up and they have all these joints and they swirl around, and I used to be amazed by them. I just started drawing them last summer and started getting into crazy patterns, really weird lines, and they ended up within that, swirling in and out of those letters and words. It took forever."
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