Stacy Wall, Unleashed

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I started painting in 1996, on a rainy day in Portland, Oregon.

Painting became a nice creative outlet for me and it made me much less uptight about my ideas getting killed or changed, as no one can make you change your artwork. I started out painting my favorite athletes, and then painted my friends' favorite athletes, and now many of my friends have many bad paintings by me that they have accepted graciously and politely and still to this day refuse to destroy.

I have now branched out into my favorite musicians and films and scenes from movies. And I recently painted an octopus, which I find very pleasant, as no one really knows if it looks like the octopus or not.

My most recent show is all acrylics on wood, where I leave the wood grain as the background. This is a technique I will now happily abandon, as it is very unforgiving and tedious.

My friends James Frey, Bill Powers and Andy Spade offered me a show at the Half Gallery, and I am very humbled and honored by this, as I do not consider myself a professional in any field.

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