Video Rant of the Week: Ad Boycotts Are Going Overboard

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Marketers are adopting a zero-tolerance policy over content they deem controversial, fake or at all inappropriate. But with so many opposing viewpoints to take into account, soon advertisers won't be able to sponsor, anything – or at least anything remotely interesting.

This week alone brought advertiser defections from Megyn Kelly's NBC newsmagazine that features an interview with Infowars founder Alex Jones, who claims the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax, and two advertisers pulling their support from the New York Public Theater over a "Julius Casesar" production where the title character resembles President Donald Trump.

Social media – Twitter in particular – has put brands and their ad placements under a microscope.

But where do we draw the line?

There will certainly be more ad boycotts in the days and weeks ahead before we find out. But if bland is all they'll back, ad-supported media is about to get that much more boring for consumers.

Produced by David Hall and Jeanine Poggi

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