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Video Highlights From the ANA Branding Conference

Clips of Seven Top Marketing Executives

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NEW YORK ( -- The May 13 Association of National Advertisers conference opened to a crowd of marketers struggling with recession and searching for a glimmer of hope along the horizon. They were offered tips and insights related to both throughout the day. The gathering was organized around the theme "Brand Building in Tough Times and Beyond." Below are video highlights from seven of the day's presentations by top marketing executives.

Ad Age Videography by Steve Raddock

Marketers Remain Perplexed by Social Media

Roger Adams, Chairman, ANA Brand Management Committee

Roger Adams
ANA member companies are generally perplexed by the exploding world of social media, according to the organization's annual survey. Roger Adams, chairman of the ANA's Brand Management Committee, hits the high points of the findings.

Turning Beer Temperature Into Marketing Gold

Patrick Edson, VP Marketing Innovation, MillerCoors

Coors Light "cold activated" products have tapped into a little-noticed insight in the beer market. Brew buffs hate warm beer. MillerCoors Vice President for Marketing Innovation Patrick Edson said the company's promotion has so changed consumer attitudes that many more bar-goers now send back beer that isn't cold enough.

MasterCard's 'ATM Hunter' iPhone App is a Hit

Chris Jorgis, SVP, US Consumer Marketing, MasterCard

MasterCard's aggressive digital marketing strategies have propelled it headlong into social media as well as the exploding field of iPhone applications. Chris Jorgis, SVP US Consumer Marketing at MasterCard said 10,000 people a week are downloading the commpany's new "ATM Hunter" app.

Making Marketing Music with MTV's 'Rock Band' Game

Richard McDonald, SVP Global Marketing, Fender Musical Instruments

Fender Guitars
Clearly the most colorful speaker (ornate tattoos stretched from shoulder to wrist on his left arm) was Richard McDonald, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at Fender Musical Instruments. Partnerships with digital game companies have boosted Fender revenues.

Quest for the Renaissance Marketer

Bob Liodice, President & CEO, ANA

Bob Liodice
In a world where the complexity of brand building, integrated marketing and marketing accountability continues to escalate, companies must find or develop new kinds of "renaissance marketers," says ANA President and CEO Bob Liodice. In addition, their agencies, researchers and consultants must also find ways to adapt more rapidly to new concepts.

The Psychological Boost of Coffee Marketing

Cynthia Ashworth, VP, Consumer Engagement, Dunkin' Donuts

Dunkin Donuts
Aside from being a speaker, Cynthia Ashworth, vice president of Consumer Engagement at Dunkin' Donuts, provided coffee for the conference breaks. At the podium she emphasized consumers want to feel "smart, not cheap" in their search for value.

Partnerships, Not Brand Renovation, Best Growth Strategy

Steve Bratspies, SVP Dry Grocery, Wal-Mart

One of the most common mistakes made by marketers facing intense quarterly revenue pressures is to re-engineer their brand identity, said Steve Bratspies, SVP Dry Grocery, Wal-Mart. Instead, they should focus on creative new ways to find and nail down mutually beneficial partnerships to accomplish the same goal much more effectively.
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