Video: Mute Melania Is Our Meme of the Week

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Meme of the Week: The Handslap Heard Around the World

Since ascending to the highest office in the land, Donald Trump's brand has been defined as much by what the people around him do as by what he personally does.

Think Kellyanne. And Sean. And Steve. Largely mute First Lady Melania Trump? Not so much.

But in accompanying The Donald on this week's overseas trip, she made headlines around the world by refusing his hand on the tarmac in Tel Aviv. Israeli newspaper Haaretz tweeted a gif of that handslap with the words, "Well this is embarrassing." And then, in Rome, Melania dodged Donald's hand again.

Without saying a word, the First Lady, social media wags concluded, summed up how much of the world feels about Donald Trump: repulsed.

Jimmy Kimmel imagined that even His Holiness couldn't stand to touch The Donald during the president's trip to the Vatican.

The endgame here? As her husband's popularity continues to circle the drain, Melania -- master of the handslap and hand-dodge -- is this week's Queen Meme.

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