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With its Jan. 14 issue, Advertising Age unveils a new design that gives a fresh, contemporary look to the print publication while staying true to its editorial mission and underscoring its leadership position.

The design was created by Maryjane Fahey, David O'Connor

Scott Donaton, editor of 'Advertising Age.'
Editorial Design in New York, and will be brought to life each week by Art Director Andrew Horton. Ms. Fahey oversaw the last redesign of Advertising Age, introduced in January 1996.

Bold and clean
The design is bold and clean, and allows us to give our editorial content the visual showcase it deserves, taking full advantage of our tabloid size to reflect the creative, visual, dynamic nature of the advertising and marketing business. It also gives us the tools to better connect the weekly Ad Age with the real-time Web site. The overall goal is to present our information in a more organized, reader-friendly manner.

Ad Age offers a uniquely comprehensive view of the advertising, marketing and media landscape, with a mix of exclusive news, insightful features and analysis, original special reports, proprietary data and informed viewpoints. Our goal is to provide the most relevant,

Cover of the Jan. 14 issue. Click to see larger version.

authoritative publication of its kind in the world. It's an ambitious aim, and this design will help us continue to achieve it each week.

New or revised departments
With this issue, we also introduce several new or revised departments. They include the launch of a weekly 'MediaWorks' page (P. 53), with a lively mix of news and information from the kinetic, frenetic world of media.

'The Week' (P. 10), replaces For 'The Record,' and will run in the front section of each issue. 'The Week' takes a fresh look at some of the big stories of the previous week, many first reported on 'Landmarks' has a new name, 'Work' (p. 64), but the same mission: to showcase creativity. An expanded 'AdAges' column appears on P. 62, while the 'AdMarket' feature moves to an anchor position on P. 8.

The 'Interactive' section appears this week on P. 54, and will be published on a monthly basis. Other section pages that will appear monthly in rotating order are: 'Multicultural'; 'Promotion'; and a new 'Integration' page, which builds on and replaces 'Direct & Database.'

Investing in our product
These enhancements are made from a position of strength and leadership. Our primary goal is to serve our readers, and investing in the quality of our product is the best way to do that.

I hope you'll find this redesign makes Ad Age more valuable and relevant to your business life than ever. Let me know by e-mailing me at [email protected] .

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