Bayer gets a bit of pie on its face

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According to's Angela Cullen, Bayer, which specializes in heart disease and indigestion aids, recently cut ties with the International Federation of Competitive Eating, claiming Alka-Seltzer's sponsorship of last year's U.S. Open eating championship was "a one-off marketing event, which won't be repeated."

Technically, if we were to attempt to beat the record of, say, 57 cow brains in 15 minutes, we would really hope some mass quantities of the indigestion medication would be nearby. But it seems that pressure from a group called the Coalition Against Bayer Dangers may have raised enough of a stink.

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Can new media pay its own way?

Whether Michael Totten is blogging or freelancing at his Middle East Journal site is for others to decide, but he raises a couple of interesting questions in his "An Experiment in Journalism" post. Could he raise enough money directly from readers to cover travel to Kurdistan and the bills back home? Answer: Yes. More intriguing questions: "Were you willing to pay me because I went where few others go? Or can I do this again in a different location? I need to know how economically viable this emerging model of journalism really is." We all want to know that.
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