Direct your advertising dollars away from TV at your own risk

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Looking back on 2005, it's pretty clear what has captured the imagination of the media: the Internet, iPod, on-demand, digital media, mobicasts-basically anything that's different and exciting. If you're in the advertising business, you've probably heard the following argument during the past year at a panel discussion or read it in the trades: Cutting-edge media is the way to go, and smart marketers should shift their money out of TV advertising and into alternative media.

It's understandable that advertisers always want to be forward-thinking, smart and aggressive with their ad spending. Even though it has become fashionable to say you are spending money on anything but TV, there is strong evidence that moving dollars away from TV is wrong, and from a marketing perspective, may even be negligent.

"But Mike Shaw sells network TV," you are probably thinking, "so of course he's going to say that TV is better than ever." But here's why I believe that the next best opportunity is in TV. And those of us who do sell TV-not just network TV-need to step forward and make sure that these important reasons are being consistently and loudly communicated.

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