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As-Yet-Unlaunched Website To Be Very Big Deal

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New York,NY --(BSWIRE)--November 7,2000 --Observers of the as-yet-unlaunched website industry are all talking at once about a new website,as-yet-unlaunched,that insiders are saying may well be a very big deal.Founded by veterans of previously-launched,non-website publications, industry analysts familiar with as-yet-unlaunched websites expect the launch of this particular as-yet-unlaunched website to be one of the biggest website launches in recent memory.And judging from the pre-launch buzz,they could be right.

The editor-in-chief of the as-yet-unlaunched website,one-time-editor of a long-ago-launched but since out-of-business magazine,agrees,projecting that his latest venture will indeed be a big deal.

And industry players are listening.

Many talented editors and writers --some from already-launched websites,previously-launched magazines,and launched-like-a-hundred-years-ago news organizations --have already come aboard the new website,as-yet-unlaunched though it may be.Venture capital firms and founders of launched-not-oh-so-long-ago websites have likewise heard the siren song of the as-yet-unlaunched website and funded it accordingly.

The site 's Director of Marketing,veteran of other,auspiciously-launched but not-doing-so-great-now websites,explains that the as-yet-unlaunched website plans to offer content already available on previously-launched websites,but all on one website,and predicts that people will be drawn,addict-like,to the content that will now be all on one website,once,of course,the website is launched.

The sensation-making success of the as-yet-unlaunched website,while all but assured,is not a foregone conclusion however.One once-unlaunched-website,also projected to be a very big deal when it was as-yet-unlaunched,has yet to live up to its pre-launch buzz since a momentous launch last spring.Be assured,this is a risk that the experienced and worldly founders of the present as-yet-unlaunched website take very seriously.

As for the as-yet-unlaunched website's imminent launch,its launch date has yet to be announced, and it may not even receive a launch per se before it all of a sudden goes online,although its big dealness is expected to become evident shortly thereafter.

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