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Astute disaster comments

I just wanted to respond to the article Ira Matathia and Marian Salzman wrote for Advertising Age ("The impact on shaken confidence," Forum, AA, Sept. 17). I am an American citizen currently living in Argentina, with family in Washington, D.C. I cannot thank them enough for their poignant and astute article. I was touched by the sincerity and clarity in which they expressed themselves. I can understand why people and nations might come to revere and at the same time hate the U.S., but never could I have fathomed that culminating into the events of Sept. 11.

I thank the writers for not being bitter, but for being honest and for telling us all what we needed to hear in such an articulate and straightforward way.

maria-amelia gamba

Coordinadora de la Direccion Creativa Regional

CraveroLanis Euro RSCG

Buenos Aires

Well-done issue

Your issue of Sept. 17 was well done considering the time you had to do it. The article "Toning ads down a bit" is right on. We may need to come back to "Earth" on some of the ads I've seen lately. Bob Garfield, as usual, was at the top of his game ("Ads must be sensitive, but don't try to profit from grief," Ad Review). The mention of General Electric [in Ad Review] was interesting. Of all the ads running in The New York Times (and other newspapers), the GE ad in the Sept. 21 Times said it best. Said it simply. Take the other ads from corporations and you could add the logo to any one. Somewhat like the day-to-day ads we see.

richard gerdes

Gerdes & Associates


Not too late to help

How can we as marketers continue to help with the recovery effort? This question presupposes that your company has already been actively involved, donating product, expertise, money, moral support or all of the above. If you haven't, there is still time. There is so much to be done and so many ways to contribute (see helping.org). Even a small gesture, like raising a flag or passing a collection box (many companies are now matching employee gifts), will go a long way toward helping employees feel better about themselves and their place of work.

Is it appropriate for a marketer to seek recognition for help given? We offer a clear and emphatic yes. By telling the world about your good deeds, you will encourage other marketers and individuals to do good as well.

When will it be appropriate to resume marketing activities? Now. It is nothing less than the patriotic duty of every marketer to resume activities. We provide the lubricant to the economic engine upon which the world depends. Several of our clients considered canceling planned activities, particularly events that had elements of fun. After careful consideration and sensitive adjustments, they bravely and justly decided to move forward. Some were able to add a charitable overlay making their activities more meaningful.

When will it be OK to be light-hearted again with our communications? Soon, if not now. I, for one, really want to believe the psychologists who advise that laughter is part of the healing process.

When will it be appropriate to make a sales call? Don't wait. Pick up the phone now. Call clients. Call prospects. Share with them how your company reacted to the crisis. Ask them what they did and how it affected them personally. If the subject of business comes up, okay. If not, you've shown you're human and actually care.

drew neisser


Renegade Marketing Group

New York

We're No. 1: Draft

Re: "Striving for synergy at OgilvyOne," (AA, Sept. 24), please note the following clarification. Ad Age wrote, "OgilvyOne was the No. 1 marketing services company worldwide last year with $430.7 million revenue globally and $173.5 million in the U.S., according to Advertising Age figures ..."

In its May 21 issue, in which the numbers above appear, Ad Age reported that DraftWorldwide had worldwide revenues of $430.9 million and U.S. marketing services revenue of $285.1 million (all of the figures for both agencies were from year 2000).

Ad Age did rank OgilvyOne the No. 1 marketing services agency by non-U.S. revenue ($257.2 million, vs. $145.8 million for Draft Worldwide), but DraftWorldwide was the leader among marketing services agencies ranked by global revenue.

jay branson

Senior VP

Director of Corporate Communications




* In "Coke, Pepsi shuffle shops," Sept. 24, P. 1), the following statement-"All of our financial models for the True North acquisition took into account the possibility of revenue loss from client conflict. This shift in assignments is consistent with those models"-was wrongly attributed to Interpublic Group of Cos. Chairman-CEO John J. Dooner Jr. It should have been attributed simply to Interpublic.

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