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O&M on contract woes

Ogilvy & Mather, by every objective measure, believes it outperformed and under-billed the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP contract). Yet the fact remains that Ogilvy did not meet its accounting obligations under that unique contract ("Ogilvy drug win violated federal rules," AA, Aug. 13). We have taken the decisive steps necessary to prevent these issues in the future.

Over the last 10 months there have been periodic news stories, some more exaggerated than others, about our technical administrative difficulties in managing the specialized federal government accounting requirements of our first major federal contract with the Office of National Drug Control Policy. We are deeply troubled by the difficulties but proud of the manner in which we have dealt with them. Ogilvy has voluntarily:

* Undertaken extensive corrective efforts with the assistance of PricewaterhouseCoopers to bring our accounting system into compliance with all applicable government contracting regulations and to train our employees;

* Reported those instances when we failed to comply with strict government accounting requirements to the Justice Depart-ment and other federal agencies involved in supervising the contract;

* Removed from discussion any direct labor charges that did not comply with the strictest federal government requirements as part of our discussion with our government client regarding a much larger amount of money still owed Ogilvy for labor under the contract.

These efforts have resulted in:

* An affirmative finding by the Defense Contract Audit Agency, the government's toughest auditors, that Ogilvy's enhanced accounting system now meets government standards.

* An affirmative finding by the Defense Contract Audit Agency that Ogilvy "has developed excellent ethics, timekeeping and ... training programs";

* A recommendation by the U.S. Naval Contract Administra-tor that Ogilvy maintain its status as a government contractor; and

* An acknowledgment by the General Accounting Office that our client ONDCP has expressed praise for our substantive work on the contract.

Here at Ogilvy & Mather we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and providing outstanding client service. There is nothing we value more than our reputation for integrity.

Tro Piliguian


Ogilvy & Mather North America

New York

Meaningless awards

Thanks to Brent Bouchez for his "Trophies are meaningless" (Forum, AA, July 30). Many people have tried to show that award-winning campaigns can be effective in selling. Sometimes they succeed. But for an agency to state as its goal nothing more or less than winning awards is idiocy. ... A book full of award-winning ads that didn't sell is nothing more than great advertising for a bad service. You may get them to try what you're offering, but they won't be back for more.

Tim Orr

Orr Creative


Too much emphasis is placed on Clio or Addy awards. Why? That is what we as an industry have created as a standard to recognize talent and achievements. But this is not the only show in town, at least not in our town. The Cleve- land Business Marketing Associa-tion presents annual awards to agencies for creating marketing communication programs that a-chieve results. ... A pat on the back from a client is worth more than a shelf full of Addys.

Steve Galbincea

Director of Business Development

Arras Group


Mr. Bouchez's piece should be required reading for all creatives. It should appear at least twice a year in this publication's sister, Creativ-ity. Over a couple of decades ... as a creative director, I taught creatives that making advertising is about communications, about selling things. An ad is not a design project or a film project-it's a communications project. It is my privilege to have worked with some tremendously bright people who did (and are still doing) some great work. And they moved pro-duct. And, surprise, surprise, won awards along the way.

Jim Enger

Marketing Director

Kirtland Community College

Roscommon, Mich.


* In "Simply Successful" (Aug. 13, P. 4), the ad page totals for Real Simple and Talk magazines were for five issues through the end of July, not six as reported.

* In "Accounts won/lost" (For the Record, Aug. 6, P. 23), Virgin Airways Latin America was incorrectly listed as won by Publicis Groupe's Sanchez & Levitan, Mi-ami. Sanchez won the British Air-ways Latin American assignment

* In the "Budweiser" profile in Special Report: Interactive Media & Marketing (Aug. 6, P. S-2), Tri-bal DDB, Chicago, created the site that won Best of Show at the One Show Interactive, not Tribal DDB, New York, as reported.

* In "The Dooner Party" (July 30, P. 1), McCann-Erickson World-wide in New York denied the report that negotiations were under way for a possible merger in Russia of the McCann and Lowe Lintas & Partners Worldwide offices.

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