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Facts on anti-drug ads

Charles Everett has his facts about the work of the Partnership for a Drug-Free America wrong ("Anti-drug ads criticized," Letters to the Editor, Nov. 6).

That's a shame, but what's worse is his questioning the intelligence of hundreds of top-flight advertising professionals who see the wisdom and common sense in working to protect kids from the scourge of illegal drugs.

The progress that has been made in this effort would not be possible without the dedication of our partners in the ad industry. The Partnership is proud to work with the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) on an unprecedented public-private sector advertising initiative that is working to reduce drug use in America.

Since the launch of the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign in July 1998, teen attitudes about drugs have changed markedly for the better, and teen marijuana use has declined.

For the record:

Just as it receives no funding from alcohol or tobacco companies, the Partnership receives no funding from the government for its role in this campaign. Rather, we donate creative work to the effort-work committed members of the advertising industry have donated to us because they believe great rewards lie in working for a universal good.

Reducing substance abuse is the Partnership's ultimate goal. Common sense suggests that's a goal worth pursuing; we're grateful that many of the most intelligent people in the advertising world agree.

Doria Steedman

Vice Chairman

Partnership for a Drug-Free America

New York

Flawed Ziff Davis picture

In "Ziff Davis in scuffle with CNET, ZDNet over content" (AA, Nov. 6) and "Magazine groups see 10% page lift for nine months" (AA, Nov. 13), Ziff Davis Media is portrayed only by its magazines tracked by Publishers Information Bureau. We feel that this portrayal needs amplification because it does not completely reflect the entire portfolio of our publications.

Ziff Davis Media publishes 14 magazines, only four of which are tracked by PIB. Our 10 other publications are not tracked by PIB but by Adscope. Ziff Davis Media's total ad pages for all publications through September 2000 based on Adscope data were only down 5%-quite a difference from 19.1% based on PIB's tracking of only four titles.

Our portfolio is organized around three unique segments in the technology space: business technology, games and consumer. Ziff Davis Media is the No. 1 magazine publisher in the games market in terms of total pages and revenues.

Within the business technology market and the consumer market, Interactive Week and Yahoo! Internet Life, respectively, are leaders in their markets, posting double-digit year-over-year ad page gains.

Jim Dunning


Ziff Davis Media

New York

Paster's impact

Thank you for Randall Rothenberg's wonderful column on Harry Paster ("`Most influential' ad person? My vote goes to Harry Paster," Viewpoint, AA, Oct. 9).

I never had the honor of meeting him in person but I had numerous occasions to talk with him by phone. I felt like I new him well.

I am a CPA in Portland, Ore., and specialize in advertising agencies, some of which were American Association of Advertising Agencies members. The questions of "how much is my agency worth?," "who can I sell the agency to?" and "how can I get out of this business?" come up all the time.

Harry was an incredible resource for me. He made me feel as important as a CEO in one of the largest ad agencies in New York. I can attribute much of my success in working in this industry to what I learned from Harry.

I learned a great deal more about Harry from your article. It confirmed what I already knew; that Harry was a compassionate, caring human being. I had always hoped I might get to meet him in person. His memory will live on with me.

Jim McDonald

McDonald Jacobs Marks Johnson

Portland, Ore.


In "Ernst & Young re-examines new economy" (Nov. 20, P. 2), Andersen Consulting is changing its name to Accenture. The story misidentified the company as Arthur Andersen.

In "Line extensions a hit" (Nov. 20, P. S6), Johnson Publishing Co.'s Ebony has a 1.7 million rate base and Jet has a 900,000 rate base.

In "Comings & Goings" (Oct. 30, P. 48), the photo identified as Steve Stepanek was a photo of Jeffrey A. Winton, named VP-communications, global business management, Pharmacia Corp., Peapack, N.J., from executive director, public relations and patient education.

In "Infiniti uncaps [email protected] promotion" (Oct. 16, P. 64), Magnet Interactive, Culver City, Calif., developed the new Q.com Web site with Infiniti, TBWA/Chiat/Day and The Designory. Infiniti didn't mention Magnet's role in an interview about the site.

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