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A Eugene woman has invented a mop that is so simple and effective to use that ABC's "Extreme Makeover" has included it in their newly refurbished homes.

It's so versatile, recreational vehicle owners have embraced it as an effective tool for cleaning coach exteriors.

And it's so environmentally friendly that you won't feel guilty about using it.

Mary Findley came up with the design after years of professional cleaning that involved inefficient mop heads, buckets full of dirty water and frustration that all she was really doing was spreading the dirt around.

Findley markets it under the clever company name Mary Moppins -- playing off our youthful association with the popular movie character Mary Poppins. She looks the part. ...

Her Web site includes a host of cleaning tips that steer visitors toward good old standbys such as vinegar and baking soda that knowledgeable people have been using for years.

And she's spreading the gospel of simple cleaning with a new book she co-authored, "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Cleaning," released in January. Findley's slowly becoming a national expert on the topic. Her advice has been included in magazines such as Simple Living and Woman's World. Last year, The New York Times talked to her about incorporating exercise into housework. Last month, Newsday included a tip from her about reusing aluminum foil as a dishpan scrubber. Web sites such as and include her tips in their forums. And has positively reviewed Findley's mop.

"Cleaning Up: A Eugene Woman Finds Success in Marketing the Mops That She Makes in Her Garage" by Susan Palmer, The Register-Guard, Eugene, Ore., March 5.

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