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VANISHING cats in Stockbridge have been the talk of residents for weeks.

A series of posters have appeared pleading for information on various missing moggies.

But when curious residents finally dialed the number given, the whole thing turned out to be a bizarre marketing campaign.

Children's author Mike Nicholson used the tactics to promote his new book, "Catscape."

Fake missing cat posters started appearing on streets such as Raeburn Place and Comely Bank Place in the unusual advertising campaign.

Cats mysteriously going missing from the Comely Bank area of Edinburgh is the theme of a new book for children aged nine to 12 and the author decided to capitalize on the rise in missing cats in the area.

The book has recently received The Kelpies Prize 2005, which was an award set up to encourage and reward new Scottish writing for children.

Mr. Nicholson, 39, who lives at South Learmonth Gardens, said: "This was a quirky way of advertising the book, it's a fun book so deserved some funny advertising idea. I must admit we had a lot people thinking it was real cats that had gone missing, there was a lot of confused people."

The advertising campaign was organized by publishers, Floris Books.

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