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72% of over 750 respondents believe that Rep. James Moran will be successful with his effort to ban erectile-dysfunction drug ads on TV during daytime and prime-time hours. The remaining 28% believe he won't be able to get a bill through Congress.

"Poor Rep. Moran, kept awake at night by the deleterious effects of erectile-dysfunction advertising on the minds and morals of young children. ... He condemns the avarice of the pharmaceutical industry and the complicity of the Republican leadership, hoping a bit of bluster will frighten the pharmaceutical industry into restricting their advertising voluntarily to late night TV, presumably after the little ones have said their prayers, and limp Dad and dissatisfied Mom turn on Dave and Jay and Ted."

Robert Sawyer/creative director/Robert Sawyer/New York

"Maybe the congressman would be better off getting the disclaimer amended, the one about reporting a four-hour (or longer) erection to your physician."

Robert Gisler/ VP-research/ PHD U.S./New York

"These ads should not be aired when there is a possibility children are watching TV."

Candace Roulo/marketing manager/BNP Media/Troy, Mich.

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