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51% of AdAge.com voters believe The New York Times Co.'s acquisition of About.com doesn't make sense. The remaining 49% of respondents think the purchase of the search engine is a sound business deal.

"Perfect sense and perfect timing. This is the sort of `search' the Times needed: thoughtful and edited, matching the style of the Times. It expands their advertising without compromising their content."

-Guy Nouri/senior designer/Dragonfly/New York

"The acquisition of About.com seems comparable to the early grabs for emerging `boom-or-bust' Internet companies by those who neither understood the technology nor its use in attracting and retaining users who provide transactional revenue, nor its fit with the corporate culture of The New York Times."

-Dale Hardman/VP-director of marketing/Palisade Associates/ Jersey City, N.J.

"The New York Times Co. is a media company, not a newspaper company. It would be the height of marketing myopia to think that they can maintain their value through print alone. Aggressive acquisitions to grow their reach online are essential to their long term future."

-David Zinman/senior VP-marketing/Zinio Systems/San Francisco

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