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52% of AdAge.com voters think advertisers will flock back to Martha Stewart and her products. The remaining 48% of over 500 respondents think Ms. Stewart's time served at Camp Cupcake will make marketers proceed with caution.

"If Ms. Stewart's approach to repair her credibility truly includes tactics like a reality TV show, she may turn off advertisers. ... If I were her, I'd take my name off everything and put the focus on the women who read her magazine and buy her products-that's who the advertisers want to talk to anyway."

-Gina Miller/account director/Colman Brohan Davis/Chicago

"Please Martha, give it up. Retire. While the PR hype is sweet for her and associated products, the market will stay straight - straight away from association with everything Martha."

-Trevor Sellars/exec VP-client services/ Aasman Design/Whitehorse, Yukon

"I truly hope that advertisers will flock back to Martha Stewart Omnimedia. After all, Ms. Stewart served her time and came out with a positive, upbeat attitude. It appears that she learned quite a bit during her time served, which can only make her company and her as a person more attractive to the public."

-Kelly Larson/marketing coordinator/ Software & Management Associates/Kingwood, Texas

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