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80% of AdAge.com voters think Hillary Clinton's recent criticism of marketers was just a political stunt. The remaining 20% think the New York senator was justified in her denunciation of marketing "junk food" to children.

"Sen. Clinton is looking toward the White House in 2008. She needs the limelight to stay in people's thoughts, so she designs her speeches and commentaries accordingly."

-Lukas Smart/buyer/S&B Products/Staten Island, N.Y.

"As humans are we so weak-minded that marketing takes away our ability to make good choices? People need to learn to take responsibility for their choices and quit trying to blame some outside influence. No more `the devil made me do it."'

-Rick Parker/owner/Rick Parker Et Al./Rupert, Idaho

"Advertising and marketing should be responsible, but if parents are not monitoring their children, then that's where the real problem lies. But maybe the government wants to do a costly study, whereby taxpayers foot the bill, making both parents work to make ends meet, thus no one is left to watch the kids and cook them real food..."

-Jane Burt/advertising and marketing coordinator/General Shelters/Center, Texas

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