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Sixty percent of AdAge.com voters said the Blockbuster brand has not been damaged by the late-fees controversy. The other 40% felt that this marketing strategy has had a negative impact on the video-rental giant.

"With the growth of Internet companies like Netflix and Wal-Mart's ultra cheap online rentals, Blockbuster has been more damaged by the change in DVD renting tendencies than by anything else, although the perception of false advertising hasn't done it any good. It's a dying breed; 10 years from now video rental stores as we know them will be history."

-Kristen Fuhs/graduate student in critical studies/University of Southern California School of Cinema-Television/ Los Angeles

"It's obvious that it is false advertising, but I don't think it has really hurt them. Around here, you can argue your way out of the late fee. Otherwise, Blockbuster is all that we have for rentals. Consumers learn to ignore the hype."

-Erin Conner/drama therapist/SAGE program/Berlin, Md.

"Brick-and-mortar video stores are on their way out and Blockbuster is using underhanded means to save themselves. When I see a commercial from them now, I can't help but wonder what's in the fine print. They've lost face and instead of saving themselves, they've started digging their own grave."

-Shel Fishken/homemaker/Wynnewood, Pa.

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