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Sixty-eight percent of AdAge.com voters agree with Bob Garfield's theory about an advertising "Chaos Scenario," in which there is no marketing model ready to replace the current one when it becomes obsolete. Some 32% disagreed with Mr. Garfield's hypothesis.

"While traditional media may be less and less effective, Garfield underestimates the power of more targeted, electronic media. New generations of sophisticated consumers will be reached in new-and, I believe, more effective-ways than the traditional mainstay of mass marketing: a 30-second commercial that may amuse, but doesn't sell."

-Michael Rybarski/chairman/TributeDirect/Houston

"The scary part is how advertising pretends to evolve with knowledge of multiple media, but can't step forward and discover how best to reach a consumer. The problem rests with the inability to effectively budget in a new form of media that allows for fair compensation, as well as for the fair delivery of results to the client."

-Jim Wojtkun/director-marketing/Hathaway Brown School/Shaker Heights, Ohio

"Newspapers, direct mail, radio, color TV, cable TV, the Internet and video games were all predicted at one time to do away with its predecessor. Thankfully, when I last looked, they all still exist in one form or another. The challenge/opportunity for our agencies and vendors is to effectively evaluate or provide all these services."

-Christopher Kelly/VP-sales/Blair and Gannet Television Media Sales/New York


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