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Fifty-four percent of voters think a major market will develop around mobile-phone video content and advertising. The remaining 46% of our over 600 AdAge.com respondents disagree; some think cellphone ads will be no more than costly annoyances.

"Usage of mobile phones is measured in portions of minutes. A user would have to agree to pay for the time an advertiser wants to use up-this is true whether text messaging, IM-ing or using voice. Given that consumers don't like advertisements or banner ads, why would a user subject himself to something he doesn't like, doesn't want and has no interest in-unless the advertiser pays for the phone bill?"

-Christopher Laurance/director-interactive services/ Grey/Los Angeles

"The mobile phone will serve as one of a myriad of `enablers' that will allow consumers the freedom to dictate back to those who rely on entertainment content to drive advertising revenue. There will be a wave of personalization and customization that will forever redefine the interaction between consumer, advertiser and media."

-Michael Carpentier/managing director/Digital Garage Media/Toronto

"Cellulars will be a niche market for advertising, but not a major market. It is very hard to keep a person's attention long enough to attain an adequate impact, which greatly reduces the interest of advertisers."

-Ramon Martinez/VP-marketing/Control Electronic/Miami

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