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An overwhelming 80% of AdAge.com voters find the FDA's new food pyramid a confusing Rubik's cube. The other 20% of nearly 500 respondents think the graphic is a major breakthrough in the promotion of healthy eating.

"Kinda like fast food; they processed the heck out of it `til all the nutritional value was gone-or better yet, too many lobbyists spoiled the soup."

-Arthur Benjamin Carmichael III/ad sales writer & producer/HGTV/Knoxville, Tenn.

"I think the media had misrepresented the idea behind MyPyramid.gov. It is just a starting point to encourage the consumer to eat better starting at an early age. If you do need more detailed information, go and make an appointment with a registered dietitian."

-Nancy Ortiz/registered dietitian/Charlottesville, Va.

"The likely confusion caused by the new pyramid will create opportunities for food marketers to interpret the meaning for consumers, and they'll always interpret in ways that enhance their brands."

-Greg Linnemanstons/president/Weidert Group/Appleton, Wisc.

"Yes, the logo is clunky, but it very clearly communicates that exercise is a fundamental part of a healthy diet. The message in and of itself is an incredible improvement from the previous pyramid, where exercise was an afterthought stapled to the bottom."

Jessica Willing-Pichs/director of strategic planning/ Trion Communications/Providence, R.I

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