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Eighty-two percent of this week's survey respondents think the growing impact of Web advertising will affect spending at this year's TV upfront. The remaining 18% of AdAge.com voters think the investment of advertising dollars in one media need not affect the spending on the other.

"Many major advertisers are shifting dollars from conventional media, like TV, into digital media, like online. However, historically there have always been new brands that have come into the marketplace that add new dollars to the upfront. While established brands could be shifting funds, new brands needing the immediacy and breadth of TV will be replacing those funds."

-Gail Stein/client communications director/ OMD/New York

"Lots of diversification will effect spending in the upfront. As the consumers are coming into much greater control of the media they consume, new channels are being opened and, by default, money will be moved to non-traditional media like interactive. It is akin to chipping away at a block and the chips are getting bigger and bigger."

-Bill Koenigsberg/president-CEO/ Horizon Media/New York

"Given the prophesied death of the 30-second spot and the revised predictions of an even greater increase in Internet ad spending this year, it would seem that the TV upfront might suffer. But, right now, the fact is that more people have TVs than have computers, let alone the ability to interact with ads via the Web. Ignoring this fact would be silly. The TV upfront isn't in trouble yet."

-Allon Yaroni/economist and consultant/Philadelphia

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