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Sixty-one percent of AdAge.com's voters think it will take a lot more than a good ad campaign to turn around the U.S. beer industry's continuing decline. However, 39% of our 1,700 respondents think marketing is the key to making beer the drink of choice in bars and homes across the nation.

"Beer needs to be exciting again. In order for that to happen, arcane legislation needs to be modernized so that thirsty consumers can be exposed to a richer variety of beer styles (and alcohol levels)."

-Tom Barnes/founder/Mediathink/Atlanta

"The beer industry must take back the night and show consumers that beer is cool. We must identify with the right time when spirits are too much and beer is the right choice. Through the right advertising message, we can accomplish this and bring beer back to the repertoire of drink choices throughout the night."

-Lynn Raynault/marketing manager/Heineken USA/Dallas

"Beer is fighting an uphill battle due to its blandness as a category. Today's 21-to-35-year-olds were the first generation raised with a massive variety of food and drink products specifically designed to taste great. Spirits are more versatile and are better able to meet the consumer need for variety and flavor."

-Justin Miller/director-innovation U.S./Diageo/Stamford, Conn.

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