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Seventy-eight percent of AdAge.com voters think Pepsi Edge's death was due to bad product development. Of more than 400 respondents, 22% think bad advertising is the cause of the mid-calorie cola's demise.

"There is no room for a mid-calorie product. Who out there is going to choose to drink some calories with less taste when they can drink a calorie with less taste?"

-Shane Klein/client services/Mudd Group/Cedar Falls, Iowa

"Pepsi Edge failed because its product couldn't make it into consumers' minds. More importantly, the concept doesn't make much sense to its core 'Pepsi Generation.' Pepsi should not become Pepsi Everything, but should refocus its resources on its core market segment. Want to go beyond the Pepsi Generation? Stop leveraging the Pepsi brand and create a completely new brand."

-D.H. Hiep/senior lecturer/CIMVietnam.com/Hanoi, Vietnam

"It was bad [advertising]. The consumers could have appreciated a scale-back in the calorie content. This product could have entirely redirected the cola market."

-Bharat K. Motwani/sales manager/Motivate Publishing/Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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