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Fifty-four percent of this week's AdAge.com voters think Carl's Jr.'s Paris Hilton commercial is beyond the limits of acceptability for TV. Forty-six percent of our nearly 600 respondents think the commercial is no worse than anything else one might see on TV.

"Will [Paris Hilton] drive young men to Carl's Jr.? Perhaps. In any event, she's driven the media there and that's worth more than the cost of running the spot. If anyone doesn't understand the appeal, I suggest they turn to Camille Paglia's 'Feminine Personae.' The power of glamour is not only irresistible, it's also great fun."

--Robert Sawyer/creative director/Robert Sawyer/New York

"What a formula! Bubbles, boobs, a Bentley... oh, and don't forget the burger! Come on; Carl's would sell 10 times more burgers by taking just the production budget [of the Paris Hilton commercial] and handing out 'buy one get one' coupons. Sex sells sex! Just give me a ten year-old, a pad of paper and five minutes and we will come up with something better."

--James Devine/director-development/Ship Shape TV/Stuart, Florida

"Almost every woman I know hates Paris Hilton. Almost every straight guy I know thinks she's hot. While airing this spot, Carl's may have sacrificed one audience to appeal to another. But if that's a problem, they should redeem themselves by shooting their next spot with Colin Farrell."

--Keith Whitmer/creative director/POOL Inc./New York

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