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Ninety-two percent of AdAge.com's voters think the NHL has committed marketing suicide by canceling its season. Only 8% of our respondents think that the season suspension was a shrewd business move to save the sport.

"The sport doesn't have the draw it needs to pay the player salaries without losing money. The move was a business move and a very necessary one. It would have been suicide if they kept the old collective-bargaining agreement."

-Jim Settnek/freelance designer/Pittsburgh

"At first it was a necessary move; the league was so far upside down that not playing was financially better than playing. Unfortunately, it has become a long, drawn-out process that has caused them to lose their TV partner. On top of that, no one is talking about missing the playoff tournament. No fans + no TV + no corporate interest = no league. RIP NHL."

-Kevin VanValkenburgh/broadcast media supervisor/Paces East Advertising/Atlanta

"Professional sports are first and foremost entertainment and hockey fans are going to continue to suffer until players and owners realize they are partners in an enterprise and that the fans have more than enough alternate ways to spend their time and money. The NHL will be lucky if more people notice the return of hockey than its cancellation."

-Adam Dubitsky/agency relations/New Media Strategies/Arlington, Va.

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