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59% of AdAge.com 262 voters believe the year will finish down in media spending. The rest, 41%, were more optimistic.

"Thanks to the terrorist bombings in London, budgets will continue to be tightened due to general apprehensiveness about world events. ... As a result, look for continued spending rises in online, cellular and VOD-delivered messaging."

-Tom Cotton/president/Conductor/Santa Monica, Calif.

"Increased competitiveness in this new age of fluid information will push marketers to continue to ratchet up spending while increasing investment in alternative vehicles like PR, guerrilla marketing, product placement and online."

-DyShaun Muhammad/associate marketing manager/ General Mills/Minneapolis

"The skittish marketers who reduce ad spending will be balanced by those who see the opportunity of investing in solid brands. Those are the ones who will benefit down the road from staying the course now. The idea that the marketing industry is `being forever changed' is a load of B.S. ... The only ones losing out in this case are the ones who don't recognize the changes."

-Jonathan Hutter/VP-account and strategic services/ Garrand & Co./Portland, Maine

"The `Chaos Scenario' is emerging. You can't expect a model that has costs rising and reach falling to continue to function. The advertising community needs to wake up to the realities of the digital world. Mass-media marketing will always have a place but it now needs to share its space with mass customization. Hitting specific demographic targets with appropriate messages is possible, that means that customized messaging must be included in any model moving forward. The money is still there if the results can be proven."

-John Ryckman/president/Impulse TV Networks/Vancouver

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