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Fifty-two percent of AdAge.com voters think Lee Iacocca is the right spokesman for Chrysler. The remaining 48% of over 1,000 respondents disagree. Iconic Iacocca may just be the man for all ages.

"Iacocca and his gray-haired friend [General Motors' Bob] Lutz are the only reasons that there is a viable U.S. auto industry. The only person close to Iacocca in skill set is Lutz, and he is now busy saving the other guys."

-Fred De Van/De Van Photography/Pine Hill, N.Y.

"Mr. Iacocca plays second banana to a dreadful Jason Alexander. Tell them to look at the old and corny but charming and effective Dave Thomas spots for Wendy's, then demand to put him in with his very own gruff but effective personality and I may have voted yes."

-Stanley Becker/retired chief creative officer/ Saatchi & Saatchi/New York

"No. 1 reason this is a bad move is that the baby boomers looking at Iacocca will see how he looks, it will remind them how old they have become and no baby boomer wants that reminder. No. 2, the others don't know or care who Iacocca is. Gwen Stefani or Usher would be better and this is coming from a pre-boomer aged 61."

-Sid Wilkins/senior partner/Wilkins & Wilkins International/ Palo Alto, Calif.

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