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Eighty-eight percent of AdAge.com's voters think Tom Cruise's recent change in PR strategy has damaged his brand. The remaining 12% don't think the actor's more outspoken and paparazzi-friendly approach has made any dent in his status as a box office heavyweight.

"Sure, He's in the press today-for the scandalous things he says and does-but what will happen once the buzz dies off? In the real world of PR, not all publicity is good publicity. He's trading fans for paparazzi."

-Maria Popova/assistant account manager/ Publicis, MARC Advertising/Sofia, Bulgaria

"Tom Cruise has evolved and improved his brand identity in an era when carefully managed `perfection' is obviously forgettable and phony. ... A brand needs to have a human face and to engage in conversation with its audience, just like many corporate brands undergoing `loosened control' by launching initiatives like blogging."

-Linlin Wills/managing director/Sky InterMedia Group/Burlingame, Calif.

"Tom Cruise's recent PR moves have been nothing short of disastrous. He is behaving like an adolescent bipolar cultist lunatic. Many people are beginning to see Cruise as someone who is disturbed, creepy and weird. In the long run, this can only hurt his wholesome, `all-American' brand image."

-Anna Schulze/consultant/Nashua, N.H.

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