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Sixty-one percent of AdAge.com's respondents find Advertising Week's cleavage-featuring ad a sexist insult. Of the over 2,000 people who weighed in on the topic, 39% thought it was appropriate and attention-grabbing.

"Sometimes we are all a little too sensitive and need to lighten up a little. Look at what they do in other countries that we would consider sexist here. PC-ness has just gone too far and it stifles creativity."

-Bob Boeberitz/owner/Bob Boeberitz Design/Asheville, N.C.

"Personally, I think the concept is funny and true and if there's an execution [in the ad campaign] of a guy with socks down his pants, we're even-steven."

-Carol Henderson/foreman/Thought Ranch/Albuquerque, N.M.

"Let's face it, women have always been portrayed as sexual entities in advertising, primarily for the sake of titillating men, and they always will be. So, people can either fume over inequities to the point of stagnation or proactively work towards evolving the system. We can engage in collaborative, informative efforts and dialogs. We can offer new ideas and possibilities that spark a connection as opposed to furthering the rift of misunderstanding. Just as boob jokes in advertising are tiresome to many, so are mistakenly outdated, lame attempts to engage today's strains of feminists and conscious consumers."

-Erin Greeson/public relations director/Grady Britton/Portland, Ore.

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