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Sixty-six percent of AdAge.com voters believe cellphone advertising to children is not acceptable as a marketing tool. The remaining third of nearly 1,500 respondents felt using cellphones to access children was fair game, often because it is not different than the constant barrage of advertising children are already subjected to.

"My son is 10 and his cellphone is prepaid and supposed to be used in case he needs to reach me in an emergency. I'd hate the thought that his minutes would be taken up by advertising that he doesn't need and would probably be inclined to respond to."

-Phyllis Doran/marketing manager/iCode/Gaithersburg, Md.

"We need to embrace safeguards that regulate the process. Marketers could be prevented from marketing to anyone 17 or younger who has not opted in to receive the promotion. You could make a requirement that all cellphone activity to minors display an easy option to opt out."

-Charlie Granville/exec VP/Capita Technologies/Irvine, Calif.

"The children are not the legal contract holders of the cellular telephones, their parents are. The phones are given as a communication/protection device and should not be used as a tool by marketers."

-Douglas Shingleton/account executive/Double Platinum/New York

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