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While 62% of AdAge.com voters felt the Democratic Party does not need off-year advertising to help define itself, only members of the 38% who believe a more consistent marketing strategy would help chose to speak out.

"An off-season ad strategy is beyond necessary. Even more importantly, the [Democratic] party needs a complete rehaul/makeover of their PR strategy. Instead of complaining about the Republican PR machine, they need to reinvent their approach to issues management and find a consistent voice for the party."

--Bronwyn Saglimbeni/principal/Bronwyn Communications/San Jose, Calif.

"Politics have gone the way of the rest of the advertising industry: brand-building and sound bytes, and the Democrats are far too reliant on it. They need to bypass the institutionalized marketing that has taken over politics and connect on a one-to-one basis with voters."

--Vincent Skolny/president/The Regnant Group/Canton, Ohio

"The Democrats should absolutely be advertising now, not just a few months before the next election cycle. Clearly defining for the many disgruntled Americans who voted to re-elect Bush what the differences in the Democratic Party are is key. Just listen to progressive talk radio and you get a pretty clear idea of what most folks want. It's always the right time to advertise."

--Anne Baker/VP/Triad Consulting Group/Troy, Mich.

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