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Eighty-seven percent of AdAge.com com voters think more marketers should use "real women" in advertising. Only 13% of respondents believe the Nike and Dove strategy of using non-models to promote their products is a bad tactic for others to adopt.

"Dove's campaign works simply because it cuts through the clutter (man bites dog, media goes nuts). I will modify this opinion the day beer commercials are populated with `real' beer drinkers."

-John DeBello/president/Loma Media/San Diego

"Nike just doesn't get it. These aren't real women! These are body builders. ... Nike is just selling the same old stuff and putting a different title on it."

-Yvonne DiVita/president/Dickless Marketing: Smart Marketing to Women Online/Rochester, N.Y.

"The platitudes offered on Dove's Web site are intended to encourage all women to appreciate themselves, even supermodels, and all are invited to contribute dialogues on their unique nature. However, its ad slogan - `...Firming the thighs of a size 2 supermodel is no challenge' - plays upon the very stereotype its Web site sets out to destroy. ...Changing the direction of the finger-pointing is not empowerment and making another type of person feel small in order to sell something is not heroic."

-Donna Thomas/Chicago

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