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Sixty-one percent of online voters think soft-drink marketers should be banned from schools. But 39% of nearly 2,000 respondents disagree, many questioning where the responsibility for regulating students' habits lie.

"These [school-age] groups are important segments that we can reach by plenty of other means. Let's leave the kids alone for just a few hours a day-just so they can learn how to read the buttons on the vending machine."

-Stuart Simpson/brand strategist/Fort Worth, Texas

"The bigger question is: Should all marketers be banned from schools? This could easily be a debate about marketing sports equipment, computers or paper products to students. The American Beverage Association is being proactive and is taking a necessary step to police itself. Let them try."

-Chris Baldwin/VP-senior program manager/ Liggett-Stashower/Cleveland

"The proposal from the Association is almost laughable. Sports drinks and juice drinks, which have been proposed as substitutes for sodas, are equally as bad for our obesity problem in terms of sugar content. ... Let's get vending machines out of schools altogether and let's see the government step up to the plate with better funding so the schools don't need to turn to these vendors to make up the shortfalls."

-Rhea Brubaker/VP/Conover Tuttle Pace/Lynnfield, Mass.

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