Sisomo marks the dawn of the Screen Age

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There's a new word in town: sisomo-sight, sound and motion, the elements that have been accelerating the digital era for the last decade.

As we know, newer, faster, richer mixes of media, marketing and technology are revolutionizing the communications game. Sisomo is a meta-word for both careerists and consumers to describe what we have known as "convergence." Sisomo brings technology and emotion together.

The early combination of sight, sound and motion made TV the greatest selling medium ever. Technology has taken that involvement to new heights of impact, exhilaration and interactivity. As TV becomes more game-like, mobile phones more TV-like and in-store screens more movie-like, sisomo is the quality that will draw everyone in.

For marketers, this is the big action point. Consumers are beaming a blaze of sight, sound and motion, an electric orchestra of ideas, stories and emotions. They love it, they want more of it, they want to control it-and their loyalty depends on it.


Sisomo's point of presence is the screen. The screen has journeyed from home TV out into the world. From the Web to Xbox to iPod, kiosk to car, mobile to the 10-story video wall on Chanel's Ginza building in Tokyo, the screen has become the world's action attraction. The Screen Age has arrived.

We've lived through the Stone Age, the Industrial Age, the Manufacturing Age, the Age of Information, the Age of Knowledge and the Attention Economy. Now we're in the Age of the Idea, but this is being swept along in the flow as we enter the Screen Age. In the Screen Age, convergence is the process and sisomo is the flow. Technology is now ubiquitous. Pure advantage will come from how we use the platforms.

Sisomo's platform is economic. Brands got saturated in the Attention Economy. Consumers were asked to pay attention and choose, again and again. That's over. Products are prolific. Choice is assumed. Decision is an impulse. This new economy is about attraction, how much you are liked. How much you are loved. Welcome to the Attraction Economy.

The vectors of the Attraction Economy are stories. "We tell ourselves stories in order to live." Spot on, Joan Didion. In information whiteout, stories will hold everything together and lead us in and onwards. The sisomovers of this new generation will be storytellers.

If the currency of the Information Economy was data, the currency of the Attraction Economy is emotion. Emotion, intuition, long-term memories and unconscious motivations control as much as 85% of our decision-making process. That leaves just 15% for logic to battle over.

Attraction is mostly about emotion. What makes stories compel, attract and grip is emotion. More emotion, more memory, more purchase. This is the paradox of the Attraction Economy. It's about emotion and technology.

Sisomo humanizes technology. This matters because sisomo sees the world through the eyes of the consumer, not the machine. It matters because as marketing becomes customized, correlated and direct, relevancy will be about more emotion. The key test for any marketing communication becomes, "Do I want to see it again?" Otherwise, we're wallpaper.

For print-pulp and ink-the first thing is to become more screen-like. Print needs to attach sound and motion particularly to its offering, become more visual and architected, intuitive and navigable, kinetic and filmic, churned and mashed, interactive and menu-driven. This is Rupert Murdoch's realization.

Sisomo is just underway. We're looking at more screens, more sizes, fatter pipes, faster connects, deeper involvement, more convergence, more media. Game machines now carry 50,000 polygons to express emotion. Possibilities for new combinations are endless.

Amidst the processors though, the heat in the metal will be emotional storytelling. The simple, powerful elements of story will drive value. Characters, storylines, chatter, drama, music and mystery (and that's just the news!): The more connected we become, the more these will matter.

To get to the future first, make deep emotional connections with sisomo: the entertainer, the educator, the articulator, the simulator, the connector, the rejuvenator, the accelerator.

Kevin Roberts is CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide, and author of the new book, "Sisomo: The Future on Screen," published by PowerHouse Books, New York.

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