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'Obesity finds niche in American marketing'

We can argue all day about whether obesity in the U.S. is an "epidemic." But what we can't argue about is that a) obese people do exist and b) they want and need products tailored for them. And thus a niche market is born. Writes Deborah Hastings in a fascinating AP story: "But for those who are overweight, who know full well how it feels to be sneered at, laughed at, pitied and scorned, having a simple tool such as a sponge on a stick, or a sturdy footstool that can bear up to 500 pounds, makes one feel a little more human. And a little less demonized."

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'Well-heeled machine: Nascar wins over women'

Nascar is opting for a little "Sex and the City" appeal with a pair of stiletto-like heels emblazoned with bright reds, yellows and a race flag, as well as Nascar stamped all over the sole. Aditi Kinkhabwala, "Better Half" columnist for SI.com, writes: "Of Nascar's 75 million fans 40% are women. For every two new Nascar fans, one of them is a woman. Women will spend $250 million on Nascar-licensed products this year." This, Nascar feels, is enough to bet they'll plop down $239 for a pair of Nascar heels. Nascar, however, does not seem concerned by the impending disaster when several hundred women all wear the same heels to the same race. Quelle horreur!
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