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GM minces words with 'New York Times'

Blogs suddenly seem like a great idea when you've got a grievance against a major newspaper and that newspaper won't let you get your point across. See GM's Brian Akre's post about his dealings with The New York Times. The short version: Tom "The World is Flat" Friedman writes a column that, among other things, compares GM to a corporate crack dealer. GM gets upset and wants to write a letter to the editor. GM is told that the letter is too long. And they can't use the word "rubbish." Brian Akre posts the original letter, edited letter and e-mails sent between GM and The Times.

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At online startups, consumers get the power

Business 2.0's Om Malik looked in on web retailers Threadless and Etsy, both sites where the consumer is king and the "long tail" looks like it might just reach pi proportions. Consumers are given the power to rate what gets posted and design, trade or sell their own wares. The concept sounds extremely eBay-ish, but who cares when-in one year-Etsy was able to attract over 10,000 sellers and 40,000 buyers? Threadless co-founder Jake Nickell says the power is in the people: "Our users have the ability to change the company whenever they want, because they make all decisions, from what we sell and how much we sell. We just shepherd the decisions of the community."
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