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Who sponsors that masked man?

As seen in the 'San Jose Mercury News'

The quickest way to some consumers' hearts? Flabby wrestlers in masks. While Jack Black's "Nacho Libre" may be mainstream America's biggest exposure to the Mexican wrestling art known as lucha libre, it's certainly not the first. Mark de la Vina lists a few places Middle America may have seen the sport before-Scooby Doo, rock acts, graphic novels-and notes that marketers are already in the arena, so to speak. "Advertisers," he writes, "love to get their lucha on."

As seen on Brewblog.com

OK, so beer might not be dead quite yet

Miller Brewing has a brand new blog, aptly named Brew Blog. If it reads smarter than your typical corporate-run blog and only contains residual traces of PR speak, it could be because it's written by Ad Age alum Jim Arndorfer. Yes, he's the guy who wrote "The Death of Beer" back in May of 2005 (to be fair, he wasn't responsible for the headline). Brew Blog might be a little inside baseball, but it's still a fairly valuable read. And while you probably won't get much overly harsh treatment of Miller brews and marketing tactics, much of the coverage of Anheuser-Busch strategy seems fairly even. Arndorfer even remembers to link to AdAge.com every once in a while.
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