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Virtual conference held about virtual marketing

Harvard University's Berkman Center for Internet and Society recently held a virtual conference on a virtual island to discuss the virtual marketing of virtual and real products with the game Second Life. If that's not enough virtual reality to make your head spin, Adotas' Kenneth Musante looked in on a real-life panelist at the virtual conference, W. James Au (Second Life persona: Hamlet Au): "There's already an active, thriving advertising industry in Second Life. ... I was afraid the magic would be lost if too much real-world commercial interests got involved, but ... real-world advertisers are more interested in creating somewhat separate marketing experiences."

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Finland sees future without alcohol ads

What would the Super Bowl be without the Bud Bowl? Could we watch the U.S. Open without being told to drink Heineken? What if only Gatorade sponsored the Stanley Cup? Finland-the new holder of the European Union presidency-hopes the answer to that last one is that you will stop binge drinking. Robert Winnet and Nicola Smith, writing for The Times 's online outlet, report that Finland is introducing a three-year strategy that will ask sporting associations to cut ties with alcohol advertisers in an effort to curb binge drinking. Expect a fight.
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