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A few strong words about internet advertising

Idea Grove's Media Orchard blog interviews Fark.com founder Drew Curtis. If you don't recognize the name Drew Curtis or the site Fark, you're really not doing your part to target the 18-to-34 male demographic. Fark is a successful website with a highly engaged (and rabid) community. And Curtis has a word or two about advertising: "The whole advertising industry confuses me sometimes. Advertisers for some reason really, really want to buy ads that annoy the shit out of the consumer. ... Most popup ad clicks are generated by people missing the X to close the thing out. What value is that kind of click to an advertiser? I can't figure out why they want this. Surely they don't want the added stigma of annoyance tacked onto their brand."

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Six simple steps to writing a killer story

Without a doubt you've been e-mailed The New York Times article "What Shamu Taught Me About a Happy Marriage." Everyone who's anyone has read it. Maybe you've felt a little jealous about it, have wondered why you can't get your own message or product slung around the internet like it was news of the second coming. Well, Jack Shafer is here to help. The secret it seems is a smart blend of marketing-a good, if inaccurate headline (no mention of Shamu in the actual story)-and animals. Lots and lots of animals.
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