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"Audience measurement is a complex and expensive business and we don't see anyone on the horizon looking to get into the field. We hope Nielsen will improve its sampling and the number of homes measured."

-Rob Bochicchio/senior VP-director of broadcast services/ID Media/New York

"The reason it won't be able to hold its grip is the same reason Verizon isn't this nation's only wireless provider. Conditions change and someone else will have something better or at least competitive. That's capitalism, folks."

-Christopher Glaser/student/Ohio University/Louisville, Ohio

"Nielsen is going to have to radically change their system of measurement if they want to stay in business-even more so than they have already proposed. Even if Nielsen worked with the DVR companies to find out what people are watching, the point is that people are still skipping the commercials. It's a complete 'Catch-22.'"

-Tetyana Bisyk/marketing representative/Grow Network/New York

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