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"Multicultural market... needs a separate marketing strategy because of the structural differences with the mainstream. Thinking about multicultural marketing tactically rather than strategically will affect your penetration of these markets."

-Leonarda Basterra/graduate student/Kellogg School of Management/Evanston, Ill.

"Multicultural consumers will account for 30% to 50% of next year's growth for most businesses. ... So, if your company does not have a dedicated and specialized team, someone else will grab the largest chunk of that growth at stake."

-Nicolas Piris/strategic planner/Vidal Partnership/New York

"Ideally, multicultural efforts should be included in each brand's overall marketing plan. Companies that have been at it for any length of time tend to be structured in this fashion. Multicultural marketing departments are useful for those marketers who are just feeling their way. They are a way of creating internal 'champions' for multicultural efforts."

-Carl Kravetz/chairman-chief strategic officer/Cruz/Kravetz: IDEAS/ Los Angeles

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