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"I believe Kobe Bryant can reposition himself as a positive role model for young consumers by launching a good PR campaign based upon volunteer and community service. He needs to 'give back' in a personal way to his audience, i.e. Magic Johnson. The news of his trial will soon be swept into the background and, with careful sculpting, his image could be remolded into something more human and less arrogant than before while still promoting his 'superstar' status."

-Ivey Stewart/VP-marketing/Alderman Studios/High Point, N.C.

"The issue is too emotionally charged for sponsors to risk future involvement. Controversy is not a positive and, unfortunately, it's 'guilty until proven innocent' when it comes to a spokesperson."

-Richard Shain/president/Performance Analysis Group/Newton, Mass.

"Superstar athletes can do what they want. Money yells! All he's got to do is win some championships and everything will be fine. The fans will forget [the trial]. Fans want a winner and they don't care about the rest."

-Phil Hupfer/professor/Elmhurst College/Elmhurst, Ill.

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