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82% of voters think the Nielsen/Arbitron deal will change the media-metrics business. The remaining 18% feel that it may not be enough just to measure more of what consumers are exposed to.

"People meters still measure traditional media. I don't know if we'll see much of a shift from TV and radio to other forms, although we may see money shift within TV and radio and the meters may help us understand brand selection. This is also another way for advertisers to check on media accountability. It's limited in scope right now, but it's a great theory, and it obviously has potential for further application."

Brad Adgate/senior VP-director of research/ Horizon Media/New York

"I speak from the vantage point of someone who doesn't want all these things strapped to me, watching everything I do. I can see what the objective is and it is an inventive way to collect `real' information, but I am doubtful of implementation. I think it will still be very difficult to measure what is actually being absorbed by the brain and turned into a purchase."

Tetyana Bisyk-Cloyd/sales associate/Grow Network/New York

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